Speaker Guidelines


Please find the detailed speaker preparation guidelines on this page. Please contact nc19@itv.rwth-aachen.de, if any question remains open after reading this page.

Presentation Equipment and Software


Computers used for displaying presentations will be laptop PCs with Windows 10. The following software is installed on the computers for the presentations: MS Office PowerPoint, Firefox, Chrome and Adobe Acrobat 2017. Presentations should be in Microsoft PowerPoint (PPTX) or PDF. MAC users who are using Keynote must export their presentation as a MS PowerPoint file or save as pdf file.

When producing PowerPoint files, we recommend embedding all used fonts to guarantee a smooth presentation.

On the podium, speakers will be presented with a screen to display their presentation, a laser pointer and remote control for slide advancement.

A countdown timer will be visible to the speaker with warning light for two minutes left (yellow) and end of presentation time (red).

Upload of Presentations


The files of the presentations should be uploaded to our fileserver as early as possible and no later than three hours before the start of the corresponding session.

An e-mail is sent to the presenter (co-authors cc'ed) with a personal upload link and instructions on how to name the file before May 2, 2019. Authors who have not received this e-mail (after May 2, 2019) are urged to contact nc19@itv.rwth-aachen.de.

Those authors who are unable to upload to the server should copy the file on to a memory stick and bring it to the Speaker ready room or the registration at least one day before the presentation.

Speaker Ready Room


All speakers are encouraged to visit speaker ready room one day before their presentation to verify their slides are displayed correctly on laptops identical to those being used in the auditoriums. The location of this room will be announced on site.

Speaker ready room hours:

During the Presentation


The session chair assistant will help speakers with their presentations and any minor issues. For technical issues, an auditorium technician will be on hand to assist.


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