Aachen, is an exceptional city for conference destination. The 2000 years old imperial city presents itself as a cosmopolitan metropolis with historic flair and a multicultural center of academic and cultural excelence. Surrounded by many world leading industries, national laboratories and the RWTH Aachen University, one of the largest Technical Universities in Europe, Aachen is one of the most beautiful cities and popular tourist destination.

Traveling to Aachen


Information on how to travel to Aachen, can be found here: traveling to Aachen.

About Aachen


People from all over the world travel to Aachen to admire it is magnificent Cathedral, one of the very first items ever to be listed as part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. The historic town center with its world famous buildings also embraces modern art and contemporary architecture. A frequently visited tourist attraction is the “Dreiländereck” a landmark where you can stand in the three countries Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium at the same time.
Aachen’s warm water springs have been enjoyed for more than two thousand years! And while we're on the subject of Printen – more than 4,500 tons of Printen dough is produced each year in Aachen factories and bakeries. In the meantime, the original plain Printen with their herbs and spices have been joined by equally popular new varieties with nuts or almonds and coated with chocolate or frosting. And have you tried Printen ice cream yet? Yum!
Aachen is a modern center of world-class research and education: It hosts not only RWTH University, but a University of Applied Sciences, a number of Fraunhofer- and Leibniz-Institutes and many innovation centers from established companies and start-up firms. The RWTH Campus concept provides a unique development area for academic-industrial collaborations. With more than 43,000 students, RWTH Aachen University is one of the largest universities in Germany. Its strategy plan “The Integrated Interdisciplinary University of Technology” has been awarded among the eleven German “Universities of Excellence” and it hosts the Cluster “Tailor-Made Fuels from Biomass” which comprises a strong research program in Combustion and Chemical Engineering, as well as the “CAT – Catalytic Center”, a joint research laboratory with the company Covestro.
Aachen is in a fortunate situation in more than one way. European thinking and lifestyle have a long tradition in Aachen where the three countries of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands meet. It is also conveniently located with regard to transport facilities in the direction of Brussels, Paris, and Antwerp. Moreover, it can easily be reached by train as well. The airports of Düsseldorf, Cologne, Maastricht-Aachen, Frankfurt, Brussels (B), Liège (B) are only a stone’s throw away.
Aachen is embedded in an attractive landscape. Just outside the city, sceneries rich in forests, meadows, and hills impress their visitors. The frontier-crossing wildlife park Nordeifel / HohesVenn-Eifel, for example, appeals to everybody. Moreover, the adjacent Dutch region of Limburg is worth an excursion at any time. Near the border of the city, tourists can visit the intersection of the three countries Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium - which is also the highest elevation of the Netherlands.

Aachen as a Congress City


Already at the time of Charlemagne scholars appreciated Aachen's "conference facilities." The mixed atmosphere of European and cosmopolitan ideas of the old Emperor's city was found to be an uplifting influence for poets, philosophers, and scientists from all parts of the empire who were keen to join Charlemagne's court. They set an example for centuries to come: Today's successors of the medieval spiritual and philosophical elite value Aachen for its congresses, conferences, and seminars. At the beginning of the 21st century this city in the heart of Europe offers great incentives: An excellent transport infrastructure, a "spiritual and philosophical climate" that has been formed by the University, the Colleges and the numerous scientific research institutes, an extraordinary range of art, culture and pubs and most especially the perfect service that seems to come along with every event.
Some impressive figures show the quality standard of Aachen as a congress city. Every year there are several hundreds of smaller events and 40 to 50 congresses with more than 200 participants, amongst them 6 to 7 large congresses with more than 1,000 participants. All of them guarantee that the endless stream of guest from all over the world, who come to the city in order to learn, exchange information and experiences as well as to continue the dialogue with their colleagues, never ends.


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Seventeenth International Conference on Numerical Combustion - Aachen 2019